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LoveSeen introduces a collection of cruelty-free faux lashes designed to cater to every unique eye shape and aspiration, offering sophistication and natural elegance to your look.

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A Vision of Inclusivity and Style

Conceived by Jenna Lyons and Troi Ollivierre out of a personal quest for subtlety and inclusivity in false lashes, LoveSeen emerges as a brand that truly understands the essence of personal beauty. With Jenna's own experiences of having very few natural lashes due to a genetic condition, LoveSeen was born to fill a gap in the market for those seeking a more natural, understated style. This collection not only celebrates diversity in beauty but also answers the calls of sophisticated lash enthusiasts who desire an enhancement that feels authentic and tailored to their individual eye shapes and beauty goals.

Beyond offering an array of styles to suit different preferences and eye shapes, LoveSeen is deeply committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Each pair of lashes is cruelty-free, acknowledging the importance of kindness in beauty. The packaging, thoughtfully wrapped in recyclable paper and printed with soy-based ink, reflects LoveSeen's dedication to environmental stewardship. Embrace a lash collection that not only transforms your look with refined elegance but also aligns with your values of compassion and sustainability. With LoveSeen, experience the luxury of beautifully designed lashes that feel as good to wear as they do to purchase.

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About the Brand

What makes LoveSeen lashes different from other brands?

LoveSeen lashes are designed for a subtle and natural look, catering to diverse eye shapes and beauty goals. Conceived by Jenna Lyons and Troi Ollivierre, the brand emphasizes inclusivity and understated elegance.

Are LoveSeen lashes cruelty-free and eco-friendly?

Yes, all LoveSeen lashes are cruelty-free and come in environmentally friendly packaging. The packaging is recyclable and printed with soy-based ink, reflecting the brand's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

How do I choose the right lash style for my eye shape?

LoveSeen offers a variety of styles designed to suit different eye shapes and preferences. Each product description includes detailed information to help you select the best style for your specific needs.

Can I wear LoveSeen lashes if I have sensitive eyes?

Yes, LoveSeen lashes are made with high-quality materials that are gentle on sensitive eyes. However, if you have any specific concerns or conditions, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before use.

How do I apply and care for LoveSeen lashes?

Applying LoveSeen lashes is simple and straightforward. Each package includes detailed instructions for application and care. To prolong the life of your lashes, gently clean them after each use and store them in their original packaging.