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Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Clarifying Serum

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This oil-free, intensive serum purifies the skin and fights impurities and blemishes. It combines anti-bacterial, exfoliating and repairing agents to tackle all of the causes of skin impurities.

The serum is designed to be used day and / or night under Aqua-Pure Mattifying Cream.

How to use

  • Initially, use the serum only in the PM for one week in order to acclimatize the skin.
  • After this initial period, the serum should be applied in the AM and PM.
  • To maximize results, it should be used in combination with other Aqua-Pure products; the serum should always be applied prior to the Aqua-Pure Mattifying Cream.
  • When applying the serum, be sure to avoid the eye and the lip areas.
  • In the case of oversensitivity, the serum can be used every second day rather than daily.


Exfoliating Complex, Bacteriostatic Complex, Anti-Redness Complex

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