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Canadian Wilderness Replenishing Polish

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We bring the essence of the forest to you with a deeply replenishing experience where the skin is immersed in powerful Canadian evergreens, Canadian hemp and other phyto-actives.

Offering a luxuriously whipped texture and a silky cream-like consistency for deep moisturizing, repair and protection. Skin is left feeling incredibly smooth & hydrated. Offering a luxuriously whipped texture that is light yet creamy and moisturizing leaving the skin remarkably smooth and hydrated. Can be used on the full body, feet, and a small amount can be used as a facial micro-polish. For those with dry-mature skin (not recommended to use on face for those with oily/acne-prone or sensitive skin).

This product has a semi-solid balm-like consistency that is melted in the palms before application. Dispense 1/2 tbsp at a time melt the product in the hands and add a few drops of water. Then apply to the skin on targeted areas that need exfoliation and moisture. Use twice a week.

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