Endure Beauty

Cucumber Lash Wash

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Our Cucumber eye makeup remover and lash shampoo is a morning and evening gentle astringent that cleans deep impurities while nourishing the delicate skin around the eye area and natural lashes. It removes harboring bacteria, microscopic pollutants and oil build up along lid margins, lashes and the delicate skin around the eyes to give a fresh and revitalized look and feel. Improves hydration and reduces swelling/puffiness. Formulated to be safe on lash extensions. No harsh chemicals to burn or sting the eyes.

How to Use 

Works in synergy with our Bamboo Facial Cloth as less pumps are needed when applied directly to our cloth as compared to using a terry washcloth or fingers.


Active Ingredients: Organic Cucumber Peel Extract / Antioxidantsenols

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