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Essential White Dark Spot Corrector

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With its ultra-concentrated formula and brightening ingredients, this high-precision local efficiently targets pigmentation spots and imperfections. The C-WHITE Complex reduces the appearance of visible discolourations. Its fluid and light texture is quickly absorbed for easier use and long-lasting results. Thanks to this targeted solution, your complexion will recover its uniformity and brightness.

How to use

In the morning and evening, after cleansing and spraying on some Lotion Yon-Ka, locally apply to visible discolouration and massage in with your fingertips. The corrector can also be used on any area concerned with dark spots. In the morning, apply suitable YON-KA sun protection: SPF 25 or SPF 50


C-WHITE Complex (time-defying vitamin C and red algae), polysaccharides rich in fucose, vegetable glycerin.

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