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Preventive Stretch Mark Oil - Aqua Laure

How to use

Wheat germ oil is the ideal source for preventing and reducing stretch marks.

Very rich in:

  • Vitamins E and K
  • Carotenoids
  • Squalene
  • Essential fatty acids (linoleic/omega-6).


This nourishing oil protects tissues against cell degeneration and acts as an anti-free radical and natural antioxidant.

It cares for dry, scaly and irritated skin; regenerates the skin and acts effectively against diffuse redness.

It has a healing power that prevents and reduces stretch marks before and during pregnancy, a period of growth or weight gain.

100% Wheat Germ Oil naturally rich in Vitamins E & K, Carotenoids & Omega-6.


          1. Morning and evening, after using the Multi-Care Shower Gel, massage the Preventive Stretch Mark Oil into the abdomen, thighs and at-risk areas until completely absorbed.
          2. This vegetable oil is sensitive to oxidation. It can be kept for 1 year in its original closed bottle. Once opened, the bottle of oil must be protected from light, in a cool place (< 20°C) or in the refrigerator and can be kept for 3 months.
          3. This oil is not recommended for people allergic to gluten.

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