Beauty Through Balance

Glacial Clay & Chaga Mushroom

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How to use
Instantly achieve a brighter smoother complexion on the body with our new anti-aging body serum created with potent high quality holistic active ingredients from the Northern Coast of British Columbia!

A full body resurfacing and healing treatment that works quickly to smooth, brighten and target signs of age.
Begin by applying our Green Tea Seaweed Salt Glow in the bath or shower. After shower/bath pat the skin with a towel, then apply the new Resurfacing Serum to desired areas and massage in. Complete this home spa experience by application with the Green Tea Indian Spice Oil and/or Seaweed Body Butter all over to leave skin smooth, silky and hydrated.
Pacific seaweed & Canadian glacial clay, wild harvested local chaga mushroom, AHA complex 2% and superfruit extracts. Along with nutrient rich plant oils, extracts, and pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

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