Gold Mine



This "Gold Mine” includes:

  • Beautyblender® Original
  • Beautyblender® Nude
  • Blotterazzi ® (and compact)
  • Blendercleanser® Solid Mini

How to Use

Beautyblender® is easy to use: simply wet - squeeze - bounce. your way to makeup perfection!

  • Wet Beautyblender® with water squeeze. out the excess liquid, using a towel if available bounce. concealer, primer, foundation, powder, cream blush or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results.
  • Rub Beautyblender® or brushes over the soap, creating a lather
  • Gently squeeze Beautyblender® or brushes and rinse again to remove any excess cleanser and water


Beautyblender's® silky texture is latex free, non-allergenic and odour free.

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