Beauty Through Balance

Mineral Boost Restorative Serum

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This concentrated Beauty Through Balance serum is used to replenish nutrients, while brightening, firming/toning and targeting sings of age. Raw Pacific seaweed & Canadian glacial clay infuse microscopic minerals and help to hydrate and reduce redness/irritations. Patented anti-aging actives (Renovage® & Matrixyl®), hyaluronic acid and vitamin c work to keep skin bright, healthy, clear and youthful. Pure Roman chamomile oil and rose geranium have been added for their amazing skin healing properties.

Apply nightly before moisturizing. Dispense half a dime size per application and massage into the skin until absorbed. Works well for those with normal to mildly dry skin, combination to mildly oily skin, acne prone, and most sensitive skin types. Use nightly or as desired.

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