Glo Skin Beauty

Precision Brow Pencil



Provides natural looking brow enhancement to softly define and fill in brows. Each pencil has a versatile brow sculpting brush on one end for 2-in-1 shaping and blending. This powder-based formula is designed for all climates, but is especially suited to last in warm weather to softly sculpt and shape a natural brow statement.

Expert Tips & Tricks

  • This wooden pencil requires sharpening, make sure to have the Glo Pencil Sharpener on hand to maintain a perfect point for expert brow filling and shaping.
  • Use built-in Spoolie Brush to groom brow hair and blend pigment.

How to Use

Using short strokes and a light hand, softly define and fill in brows. Blend colour, smooth and groom brows with built-in Spoolie Brush.



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