Endure Beauty

Rosewater Toner

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Our Rosewater Toner is a daily face and décolleté spritzer. It has the added benefits of powerful antioxidants that help fight the damaging effects of free radicals. Cleans deep impurities due to oil buildup, revitalizes, hydrates and balances pH. Gives the appearance of smaller pores and a supple dewy complexion while helping to fade sunspots. Conditions and nourishes skin and natural lashes and helps preserve lash extensions better between refills by minimizing oil build up on the lid and lashes. Additionally, it may be used as a lash extension setter for lash wearers.

How to use

Spritz freshly cleansed skin or through out the day to cut excess oil and brighten. Hold bottle 12” away and spray evenly on face, neck, and décolleté. Allow to air dry. For external use only.


Active Ingredients: 100% Organic Rose Water and Organic Chamomile Extract

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