GM Collin Paris Soothing Discovery Kit

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Soothe your sensitive skin with the Sensiderm discovery kit. Formulated with active ingredients scientifically proven to calm, soothe and re-balance the skin, the Sensiderm collection is specifically designed for the treatment of sensitive skin.

This travel size kit includes:

  • Sensiderm Cleansing Milk 50 ml: A light, creamy-textured emulsion that removes skin impurities and makeup. Leaves the skin feeling supple and comfortable.
  • Sensiderm Treating Mist 50 ml: A mist that hydrates, tones and soothes the skin. Helps maximize skin care benefits.
  • Sensiderm Cream 15 ml: This soothing and hydrating cream protects the skin against external factors by hydration. Excellent skin care for sensitive skin.

Please refer to individual products
Please refer to individual products

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