Lovability Bringing Sexy Bath Kit

Mode d`emploi

Our "date night" kit includes the essentials you need to set the mood, enhance arousal, and experience the best bathtub orgasm. We've got you covered, babe!

  • 1 WaterSlyde® (pick your fav color!), w/ a "Happy Sock"
  • 1 ThreePlay® Massage Candle
  • 1 Bomb Balm Arousal Balm™
  • 1 Lovability Micro Fiber Hair Towel Wrap
  • 1 "Goddess Bathtime" Door Hanger
Let’s Get Tingly - Simply rub a small amount of Bomb Balm Arousal Balm onto your vulva & allow 3-5 min to start feeling the buzzing, tingling effects.

Set the Mood - Light the ThreePlay Massage Candle (or 2 or 3), place around tub, and allow the scent to smolder & fill the room.

Start Your Bath - Attach the WaterSlyde, and turn on the faucet to desired temperature & pressure.

Get in Place - Position yourself in the tub, and lay back or have your partner sit behind you. Enjoy the stream of pleasure & let the magic happen.

Melt Away - Blow out a candle & pour oil on skin for a soothing, sensual massage. Indulge in the bath or in the bedroom.

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