Lovability Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

Mode d`emploi
Our super-absorbent, lightweight hair towel to quickly dry your hair - or keep it dry while you're getting wet! Just "twist, loop, and fasten" for an easy-peasy, hands-free way to turn our hair towel into a turban for the goddess that you are!
1. Find the button on your hair towel so you know which end to start with.

2. Flip your hair down over your head.

3. Place your hair towel with the button facing out (the wide end) on the base of your neck behind your head, pull the hair towel over your head / hair, and pull down on the opposite corner of the hair towel (the narrow end).

4. While you're holding your hair towel out in front of you, tuck all of your hair inside the hair towel (keep your ears tucked in, too).

5. Twist the hair towel, starting from your forehead, until you can't twist it any longer.

6. Find the loop at the end of the now-twisted part of the hair towel.

7. Pull the twisted part of the hair towel back over your head and attach the loop around the button.

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