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Alastin skincare Canada

Alastin Skincare

Trusted by skincare professionals throughout Canada and beloved for its rapid growth and efficacy, ALASTIN Skincare offers a luxurious approach to maintaining a youthful, radiant complexion.

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Rejuvenating Skin Trio
ALASTIN Skincare
Rejuvenating Skin Trio Sale price$399.00 Regular price$497.00
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$399 $497
Earn 399 Glow Points
R & R Body Complex
Earn 322 Glow Points
A-LUMINATE Brightening Serum
Earn 235 Glow Points
Procedure Enhancement System
Earn 412 Glow Points
SilkSHIELD All Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30
coming soon badge
Earn 87 Glow Points
alastin skincare hydratint pro mineral broad spectrum sunscreen spf 36
Earn 90 Glow Points
Ultra Light Moisturizer
Earn 109 Glow Points
A 148ml bottle of Alastin Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream
Earn 69 Glow Points
alastin ha immerse serum
Earn 158 Glow Points
Renewal Retinol .5
Earn 95 Glow Points
alastin retinol
Earn 90 Glow Points
Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm
Earn 63 Glow Points
Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer
Earn 109 Glow Points
alastin Restorative Eye Treatment
Earn 139 Glow Points
Alastin Restorative Skin Complex
Earn 294 Glow Points
alastin regenerating skin nectar
Earn 294 Glow Points

Innovative Solutions for Every Skin Need

Founded in 2015, ALASTIN Skincare has quickly become a leader in the physician-dispensed skincare market, thanks to its focus on scientifically proven and clinically tested products. With the patented TriHex Technology®️, all products support the skin’s natural life cycle, enhancing its ability to recycle, rebuild, and replenish itself. Whether you're looking for daily skincare essentials or specific pre- and post-procedure products, ALASTIN provides targeted solutions designed to optimize skin rejuvenation and promote a lasting healthy glow.

The product line includes options for every step of your skincare routine, meticulously crafted to ensure the best results for all skin types. The pre-and post-procedure collections are specially formulated to enhance procedural outcomes and minimize recovery time, making them perfect for those looking to maximize the benefits of aesthetic treatments. For everyday care, these daily skincare products work to restore and renew skin, maintaining its youthful appearance and vitality. Join the ALASTIN community to experience the pinnacle of pharmaceutical science applied to cosmeceutical skincare.

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About the Brand

Is Alastin Cruelty-Free?

ALASTIN takes pride in offering products that are entirely free from fragrances and parabens, ensuring a gentle and skin-friendly experience. Moreover, their commitment to cruelty-free practices means that their products are never tested on animals, reflecting their dedication to both quality and ethics.

Are ALASTIN Products Suitable for All Skin Types?

Yes, ALASTIN Skincare products are designed to be effective and safe for all skin types. Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, or a combination, these formulations are clinically tested to ensure they meet your skin care needs without irritating.

What Is TriHex Technology® and How Does It Benefit My Skin?

TriHex Technology® is ALASTIN Skincare's patented blend of active peptides and botanicals that supports the natural life cycle of skin cells. This innovative formula helps to recycle, rebuild, and replenish the skin matrix, promoting a youthful appearance and maintaining a healthy glow.

What Makes ALASTIN Skincare Different from Other Skincare Brands?

ALASTIN Skincare is distinguished by its clinically proven, scientifically formulated products that include patented technologies like TriHex Technology®. Founded in pharmaceutical science, ALASTIN strategically focuses on developing products with the highest impact on skin health and appearance, endorsed by physicians across the country.

How Often Should I Use ALASTIN Skincare Products to See Results?

The frequency of use will depend on the specific ALASTIN products and the individual skin care needs. Generally, daily skincare products should be used consistently twice a day (morning and night), while pre-and post-procedure products should be used as directed by your skincare professional for optimal results. Visible improvements can typically be seen within a few weeks of regular use.

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