Clear Start is the best way to get your healthiest skin ever!

Clear Start is a brand by Dermalogica, specializing in acne breakouts, blackheads and oil control. It's the first skincare system created for teens to help them achieve their healthiest skin ever. With formulas that are clinically proven, their products are made to nurture the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

Clear Start is the perfect solution for teens throughout Canada who are looking for an easy, all-inclusive skincare routine. This system includes everything you need to achieve and maintain clear, healthy skin. Clear Start by Dermalogica utilizes gentle yet effective ingredients that are ideal for young skin. The products are free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, so they won't aggravate your skin or cause irritation.

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About the Brand

Does Dermalogica Clear Start Work?

Yes, Dermalogica Clear Start has been positively reviewed by many users for its effectiveness in addressing skin concerns. The product line is formulated with potent ingredients tailored for breakout-prone skin, and many have found success in achieving clearer, healthier skin with its use. As always, individual results may vary, but the brand's reputation and user testimonials speak to its efficacy.