PCA Skin - A holistic approach to skin care

PCA Skin products are developed with the latest advances in medical science and are rigorously tested to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Their product line includes a wide range of items that address acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and other skin concerns. With a focus on education, innovation, and customer satisfaction, PCA Skin is your partner in achieving healthy and beautiful skin.

Providing results-oriented and effective daily skincare solutions that are backed by science. PCA Skin are innovators of medical-grade skin care in Canada, respecting safety with results.

Free shipping in Canada on orders over $99. Free samples with every order.

About the Brand

Who Owns PCA Skin?

Colgate-Palmolive owns PCA Skin. They acquired the skincare brand back in 2017 as part of their expansion into the personal care product sector.

What Does PCA Skin Stand For?

PCA Skin stands for "Physicians Care Alliance Skin." It has been consistently referred to as PCA in its history.

Does PCA Skin Care Have Parabens?

PCA Skin Care items are free from parabens, scents, mineral oils, and other ingredients that could be of concern.