R+Co BLEU - Inspired by Nature, Designed for You

R+Co BLEU is a luxurious new hair care line that combines modern style with cutting-edge formulation and sustainability.

The line features unique products, each designed to give your hair a salon-quality finish. From the volumizing shampoo and conditioner to thickening mousse and hair tonic, R+Co BLEU has everything you need to keep your hair looking its best. And with its sleek, minimalist packaging, R+Co BLEU makes a chic addition to any vanity. Whether you're looking for an everyday shampoo or a special-occasion styling product, R+Co BLEU brings high-end quality and performance to your hair care routine.

R+Co BLEU is proud to make a lasting commitment to our environment and to our consumers by using PCR: post-consumer resources. Featuring cutting-edge packaging that is both recycled and recyclable, their bottles and jars are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material. This helps to reduce our environmental impact, while also ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. In addition, they use environmentally-friendly ink for all of our labels and printed materials.

They are committed to doing our part to protect the planet, and we hope you will join us in this effort. Thank you for choosing R+Co BLEU.

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