About Us

Skin is forever,
make it count.

We’re on a mission to transform the way you feel about yourself. We know: bodies evolve over time. The way we care for them should, too. Skin. Hair. Health. Wellness. Our bodies thrive when we take a holistic approach to selfcare. By bridging comprehensive professional advice and next-level products through compelling customer experiences, we empower real people to care for, celebrate and love themselves. Accessible insight. Personalized solutions. Affordable options. Transformative results. This is our driving force, and guiding light.
“We invest time, insight, energy and attention to partner with you, and to nourish your skin, body and hair with today and tomorrow in mind. After all, aging is a privilege. Growth is a gift. You—and your skin, body and hair—deserve the very best guidance and support. Refuse to settle for anything less.”
Our Founders

Our Founders

Every body is on a journey.
But yours is unique.

We’re on a mission to transform the way you feel about yourself. How? We seek to understand the nuances and qualities that make your skin and hair unique. And then? We curate a customized approach to high-quality products and routines created just for you. 

By pairing expert advice with personalized recommendations and professional products, we empower you to care for your skin, hair and body as part of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. We help you understand, select and apply best-in-class products that are chosen and celebrated by industry professionals at spas, salons, medispas, clinics and even the doctor’s office.

Grounded in experience. Fueled by knowledge. Moved by purpose. We are a mother-daughter team deeply committed to enabling any person, anywhere to love themselves at every age and stage of life. We are female founders dedicated to connecting healthy bodies with happy hearts. Above all? We sincerely believe the best skincare, haircare and selfcare is personalized. And we set out every day to make that real. 

Are you ready to begin?
Beate & Tasch


It’s not about selling you a product. With over 30 years of experience under my belt, I’ve tried and tested professional products from countless brands, and have acquired extensive knowledge not only about how professional products make you look, but also how they make you feel. I’m passionate about being healthy, achieving results, and I’m fuelled by daily conversations with real people who have real skin (and hair), and are looking for solutions that work for them. I believe in our mission, and our brands, so deeply. We can’t wait to be part of your journey.
Beate, Co-Founder of Boutique Skin Envie


I grew up in the professional industry. I remember my first products, and the sense of accomplishment I felt when I had my very first routine, carefully selected for my skin. Wellness is in my blood, and I believe in the incredible products that we carry, backed by knowledge, research, and so many incredible people in our industry who have the same mission as we do. I believe in professional brands that change the way that you feel about your skin, body and hair. Professional brands that offer you the greatest self-care routine. Products that looks cute on your shelfie. Products that gives you the results you want. That’s what we’re all about.
Tasch, Co-Founder of Boutique Skin Envie

What We Stand For

At BSE, we set out every day to bring our values to life for our customers, our people, and the world around us. We are:


Exceptional decisions are informed decisions. We partner with clients to share expert information and insight that’s based on years of experience in skincare and esthetics. That means every choice you make is tried and tested by us—your guide to glowing, healthy skin, hair and body.


Effective strategies are accessible strategies. We open up the dialogue with customers to foster meaningful conversations that leave you feeling educated, informed and above all? Empowered. This helps you feel confident in yourself, and in the range of affordable and approachable ways you can care for it every single day.


Authentic advice is applicable advice. We bring our own experiences, perspectives, skincare and haircare routines to every consultation to deliver expert guidance that’s fit for purpose in your real life. That means you gain a wealth of intel, shared in ways that are easy to understand, and easier still to apply.


Glowing skin is brilliant skin. Healthy hair is remarkable hair. We revel in every detail and nuance that makes you unique. Our deep appreciation and fulsome understanding of the little things and big things that set you apart position us to help you unlock your body’s full potential. This means however you’d like your body to thrive, we’re here for you on the road ahead.

Asked Questions

What is your shipping policy?

We know you’re excited to get your products, and we ship your package within one to five business days. Depending on your location and the shipping service you choose, your package may take one to five business days to arrive. We only ship orders from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

If you want extra speedy delivery, there are options to upgrade the shipping method in certain areas for faster delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

We’re working hard to share our passion for skincare with the world, but at this time, we only ship within Canada.

How can I track the status of my order?

We always keep you in the loop! We will let you know via email when your package is shipped and on its way. This email will also include the tracking number that you can use to track your package until it arrives.

Which currencies do you offer?

For the time being, BSE is CAD only.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be overwhelmed with excitement and happiness with your purchase. If you aren’t completely satisfied please contact us to request a return authorization.

A few things to note:

  • We unfortunately cannot authorize your return if the product is used, opened, damaged or unsealed.
  • The products must be returned within 30 days of purchasing with an authentic Boutique Skin Envie receipt.
  • If you had an allergic reaction to the product, please read more about this in the next section.
  • We will not refund paid shipping for returns or exchanges.

Can I cancel or modify my order?

We prioritize a high-quality shopping experience and prompt delivery. Please review your cart before purchase as modifications, including product changes, discount codes, or Glow Points application, cannot be made post-order. Order cancellations are usually possible within one hour of placement. Check your order's status on our Order Details page.

What do I do if I have an allergic reaction?

We know that everyone’s skin is unique, and allergic reactions can happen. We will refund or credit the individual product that caused the Allergic Reaction. Your reaction must be reported within the first 72 hours of use.

In order to process a claim for a reaction: we do ask that you provide a Doctor’s letter accompanied with photos of the reaction as well as photos of the product itself and the batch number (normally located at the bottom of the product) to confirm that it was caused by one of our products. Unfortunately, if you do not provide this information we will not be able to process a claim for refund or exchange. Please do not discard the product(s) as we may require a return.

Please note that all instructions, ingredients, opinions and suggestions regarding products on our site have been provided by the manufacturers and/or distributors. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of certain ingredients please contact your doctor or you can contact us for further information.

What do I do if I receive a product broken or damaged?

Please email us a picture of the product(s) you received damaged or broken within 24 hours of receipt. Please include pictures of the shipping box and all relevant pictures of the broken or damaged product(s). Unfortunately, if you do not provide this information we will not be able to process a claim for refund or exchange. Please do not discard the product(s) as we may require a return.

What is the Glow Society?

Anyone can glow.
Especially you.

Our Glow Society brings customers together on the journey to glowing, healthy skin. How? You earn Glow Points every time you make a purchase, write a review, follow us on social, or refer a friend. Also? Birthdays accrue points, too.

Everything you’ll want to know about the Glow Society can be found here

How can I become a Glow Society member?

You can join our Glow Society here. Welcome aboard; we’re so excited to have you!

What is professional skincare?

All of the products you will find at BSE range from cosmeceutical to advanced pharmaceutical grade (AKA professional). They’re grounded in extensive R&D, science and formulations with ingredients that are hyper targeted to address skin changes, achieve results and support overall health.

This doesn’t just change the way you face the world. It empowers you to transform how you feel about your skin—and yourself—at every age and stage of life.

Are you an authorized retailer?

Our number one priority is ensuring that your products drive the results that you’re looking for. We are an authorized retailer for every single brand available at BSE because results are our focus, and your health is our priority.

How can I book a virtual consultation in your Glow Lab?

At BSE, we fundamentally believe that changing the way you treat your skin can change absolutely everything. We help you get there by seeking to understand your skin’s nuances, and creating a personalized approach to skincare that’s as unique as you are.

You can book a one-on-one with one of our experts here at any time. Congratulations! You’re making the first step to transforming your skin forever.

How can I find out about BSE events and promotions?

You can sign up here to be the first to know about everything we have going on at BSE. If you want to join in on even more fun, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

Do Glow Points expire?

Yes, your Glow Points will expire after 1 year of inactivity.

How do I redeem my Glow Points?

Exchanging your points for great rewards couldn't be easier! Simply visit the Glow Society page to view all of our great reward options and click the 'Redeem' button to redeem your chosen reward.