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Babor Canada


BABOR is a world-renowned pioneer of professional-grade skincare that takes an individual approach with safe and sustainable products. Innovative precision formulas with expert solutions, targeting all skin concerns. Delivery throughout Canada.

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Perfect Skin Collection Spring Edition
Earn 69 Glow Points
Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 30
Earn 65 Glow Points
Silver Foil Face Mask (Pack of 4)
Silver Foil Face Mask (Pack of 4) Sale price$48.93 Regular price$69.90
sale badge
$48.93 $69.90
Earn 48.93 Glow Points
Collagen-Peptide Derma Filler Serum
Earn 196 Glow Points
Trip Pro-Retinol Renewal Eye Patches
Earn 59 Glow Points
Triple Pro-Retinol Renewal Cream
Earn 185 Glow Points
Perfect Separation & Length Set
Earn 49 Glow Points
Expert Skincare Essential Set
Earn 55 Glow Points
Clarifying Peeling Cream
Earn 40 Glow Points
Gentle Peeling Cream
Gentle Peeling Cream Sale price$40.00
Earn 40 Glow Points
Soothing Rose Toner
Soothing Rose Toner Sale price$45.00
Earn 45 Glow Points
Eye & Heavy Make-Up Remover
Earn 33 Glow Points
Gel & Tonic Cleanser
Gel & Tonic Cleanser Sale price$50.00
Earn 50 Glow Points
Refining Enzyme & Vitamin C Cleanser
Earn 45 Glow Points
Deep Cleansing Foam
Deep Cleansing Foam Sale price$45.00
Earn 45 Glow Points
Gentle Cleansing Cream
Gentle Cleansing Cream Sale price$30.00
Earn 30 Glow Points

Innovative skincare from Doctor Babor

Babor products are scientifically proven to work, with a holistic approach that takes into account your individual needs. They provide safe and sustainable products to help all people achieve beauty without compromise! We offer a wide range of high-quality Babor skincare products, all of which are available for delivery throughout Canada.

Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in everything they do. Whether you are looking for a specific solution to a skin concern or just want to try a new product, Babor Canada has something for everyone.

Free shipping in Canada on orders over $99. Free samples with every order.

About the Brand

Does BABOR Test on Animals?

BABOR takes immense pride in its ethical stance as a cruelty-free brand. At no point in their product development or ingredient sourcing do they resort to testing on animals, ensuring a commitment to humane practices throughout their entire production process. This dedication not only speaks to their values as a brand but also caters to consumers who prioritize ethical and compassionate choices in their skincare regime.

Is BABOR Medical-Grade?

Yes, BABOR is renowned for its high-quality formulations and rigorous research, aligning its products with standards often associated with medical-grade skincare. Their dedication to excellence and precision ensures that users benefit from premium ingredients and advanced skincare solutions, making them a trusted choice among professionals and skincare enthusiasts alike.

Is BABOR Organic?

According to the manufacturer, many ingredients in BABOR cosmetics are sourced from natural plant extracts and are organically grown.