Helping people live fuller lives through high-quality nutrition supplements

Vital Proteins believes that to live fuller and more vibrant, the journey begins from within. Their collagen supplements are simple and easy to incorporate into your drinks or beverages.

Promoting health, fitness and natural beauty is the key to Vital Protein's goal. Products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Vital Proteins is committed to providing users throughout Canada with the highest quality nutrition products. They offer a wide range of supplements that enable people to live happier and healthier lives.

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About the Brand

Does Vital Proteins Collagen Have Protein?

Yes, collagen peptides are a source of protein since they originate from collagen, which is naturally a protein.

Does Vital Proteins Collagen Help You Lose Weight?

Research indicates that daily collagen intake may contribute to gradual weight loss without the need for significant lifestyle alterations.