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With a commitment to sustainability at every step, Étymologie skincare marries clinically proven active ingredients with eco-conscious practices.

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Multi-Corrective Hydration Serum (New Packaging)
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Earn 89 Glow Points
Probiotic Vitamin C Concentrate (New Packaging)
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Earn 94 Glow Points
Ceramide Barrier Repair Oil (New Packaging)
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Earn 124 Glow Points
Bakuchiol Bio-Retinol Concentrate (New Packaging)
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Earn 83 Glow Points
Probiotic Vitamin C Serum
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Earn 94 Glow Points
Total Hydration Serum
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Earn 89 Glow Points
Active Clay Cleanser
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Botanically-Based, Clinically Active Skincare

At the heart of Étymologie is a dedication to the harmony of science and sustainability. These products are crafted at the intersection of cutting-edge botanical science and environmental responsibility, resulting in formulas that offer transformative skin benefits while adhering to ethical and eco-friendly standards. Each ingredient is meticulously selected for its proven efficacy, minimal environmental impact, and ethical sourcing. The brand's approach ensures that every drop of Étymologie product not only addresses the biological needs of your skin but also contributes to a more sustainable and just world.

This commitment extends beyond the lab and into the very ethos of the brand. Utilizing upcycled and sustainably sourced ingredients like cranberry seed oil from Quebec, Ximenia oil from Namibia, and Squalane derived from sugarcane, Étymologie is pioneering eco-first practices in beauty.

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About the Brand

What Makes Étymologie Products Sustainable?

Étymologie is dedicated to sustainability, blending science with eco-conscious practices. We use upcycled and sustainably sourced ingredients, ensure our formulas are 100% biodegradable, and our packaging, including recyclable Miron glass, is designed with the Earth in mind.

How Are Ingredients Sourced?

The brand prioritizes ethical sourcing and environmental impact, selecting ingredients like cranberry seed oil from Quebec and Moringa Oil from South Africa. Each ingredient is chosen for its skin efficacy and minimal environmental footprint, supporting local economies and responsible agriculture.

Can I Trace the Origins of Étymologie Products?

Yes, similar to the etymology of a word, each Étymologie ingredient can be traced back to its origins. The brand is proudly formulated locally in Montreal and manufactured in Canada, ensuring transparency and quality from field to laboratory.

Are Étymologie Products Suitable for All Skin Types?

Étymologie products are formulated with innovative botanicals and clinically proven active ingredients to create reparative formulas for transformative results, making them suitable for a wide range of skin types.

How Does Étymologie Give Back to the Community?

Building a conscious community is at the brand's core. They partner with ethical suppliers and contribute to Artistri Sud, providing entrepreneurship training to women in developing countries, aligning with the mission to empower women and support sustainable development.