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Unlock the secret to perfect styling with Reuzel's renowned collection of pomades, grooming creams, and styling pastes. Crafted with precision by barbers and embraced by style enthusiasts everywhere.

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Fiber Pomade
Fiber Pomade Sale priceFrom $16.33
Earn 16.33 Glow Points
Pomade Extreme Hold
Pomade Extreme Hold Sale priceFrom $16.33
Earn 16.33 Glow Points
Baume Barbe "Wood & Spice"
Earn 21.70 Glow Points
Grooming Tonic
Grooming Tonic Sale priceFrom $12.50
Earn 12.50 Glow Points
Matte Styling Paste
Matte Styling Paste Sale price$22.97
Earn 22.97 Glow Points
Clean & Fresh Beard Balm
Earn 36.20 Glow Points
Scrub Shampoo
Scrub Shampoo Sale priceFrom $23.47
Earn 23.47 Glow Points
Shave Cream
Shave Cream Sale priceFrom $9.85
Earn 9.85 Glow Points
Pink Pomade
Pink Pomade Sale priceFrom $14.88
Earn 14.88 Glow Points
Duo "Road Trip" 3 In 1 Shampoo 2023
Duo "Road Trip" 3 In 1 Shampoo 2023 Sale price$29.00 Regular price$59.30
sale badge
$29 $59.30
Earn 29 Glow Points
Clay Matte Pomade
Clay Matte Pomade Sale priceFrom $16.33
Earn 16.33 Glow Points
Fiber Gel
Fiber Gel Sale price$21.06
Earn 21.06 Glow Points
Green Pomade
Green Pomade Sale priceFrom $17.85
Earn 17.85 Glow Points
Blue Pomade
Blue Pomade Sale priceFrom $14.88
Earn 14.88 Glow Points
Wood & Spice Aftershave
Earn 17.37 Glow Points
Surf Tonic
Surf Tonic Sale price$22.50
Earn 22.50 Glow Points

Crafted for Excellence

Founded on the bustling streets of Rotterdam, Reuzel hair products capture the essence of classic barbershop culture while embracing contemporary grooming needs. Driven by the expertise of Leen and Bertus, the iconic Scumbag Barbers, Reuzel is more than just a brand — it's a tribute to the age-old art of men's grooming. With a name inspired by the Dutch word for 'lard', a nod to the traditional pomade ingredient, Reuzel champions authenticity in every concoction.

At Reuzel understand that true style begins with great hair. Their extensive line of styling products, from the classic Green Pomade Grease to the innovative Fiber Pomade, offers unparalleled quality and effectiveness. Created by barbers with decades of grooming expertise, each product is formulated to prov