Mathilde Langevin

Mathilde is a freelance writer with a penchant for all things wellness and psychology. She self-identifies as a calm-conscious minimalist who seeks equilibrium through a mindful and simple life. If she's not somewhere reading a book, you can find her teaching yoga, running, cuddling with her cats, or writing her heart out in hopes of inspiring those around her to embrace the benefits of a calm life.


Frances Michaelson

Frances, a renowned speaker and author, is a pioneer in the fitness and wellness industry. She founded one of the first personal training centers in Montreal in 2001 and has led a successful fitness product distribution business in Canada for over two decades. Driven by a passion for health, Frances expanded her expertise by pursuing naturopathy. She obtained her license in 2011, with a focus on digestive and hormonal health, weight management, and autoimmune disorders. Frances has contributed to the health community through her authorship of two books: "Do You Have the Guts to be Healthy?" and "Let's Practice Health." She is an active participant in health conferences and corporate wellness events. Her professional affiliations include a membership in the Association Des Naturopathes Professionnels Du Quebec (ANPQ). To learn more about her practice, please visit her website.


Bhaskar Goswami

For more than two decades, Bhaskar has been a wellness and culture transformational consultant with elite organizations. He serves as a mentor to organizational leaders and their teams. Bhaskar is an impactful speaker and the author of 'Wisdom Stories'. He is the founder of multiple-award-winning organizations BODHI and daana, both dedicated to making transformational practices accessible to all. He has a Master's Honors in Electronic Engineering from Nottingham University (UK) and a 10-year international engineering career. 


Rosiane Larochelle 


Wellness doesn't have to be intricate or out of reach. Whether it's fostering a healthy gut or offering non-toxic skincare advice, I aim to contribute to the BSE team to assist you in making better choices for yourself and your family. I enjoy challenging societal norms and exploring how you can enhance your life through personalized choices. Embracing clean or green living doesn't have to be dull or unappealing, so grab your pen and stay tuned for the latest trends that will elevate your future lifestyle.