Anima Mundi ROSE WATER Beauty Myst | Soothing Face Toner

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This beautiful and therapeutic myst from the Bulgarian Rose Valley is an excellent tool for inner and outer beauty. Rose’s energetic properties are known to be heart opening, soothing and relaxing. Rich in astringent and toning compounds, Rose Water also proves beneficial to a wide range of skin types and is a potent remedy for alleviating flare-ups and inflammation.

Rose's long history as an aromatic treasure and symbol of beauty reaches as far back as ancient Persia. It is believed that Ottoman merchants first introduced Roses to Bulgaria in the 16th century. The particular climate and soil conditions of the valley at the foot of the Balkan Mountains make it the perfect place for Roses to thrive. Since that time, it has been known as the Valley of Roses. In early summer, people gather from all over the world to celebrate the lush abundance of the annual Rose harvest with dancing, song, food, and of course picking Roses. 

The sublime scent of Rosa damascena is sweet and full-bodied, fresh, warm, and floral with hints of citrus and earthy green. It is truly exquisite! 

Shake well and spritz over face for a hydrating toner, or as a gentle and refreshing floral perfume.
Rose (Rosa damascena) distillate

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