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So much attention has been given to gut health over the past few years, and with good reason. However, liver health––which is just as important!––is often overlooked.


A healthy liver is just as crucial for a well-functioning, healthy body. In fact, multiple skin conditions, including acne, chronic dryness, eczema, and psoriasis can be linked to poor liver function. 


A tired and overworked liver can lead to a dull or discoloured complexion, as well as a bad mood, chronic inflammation, higher stress levels, and more. Every single thing you consume is processed by your liver, so you can bet that an unbalanced diet, frequent alcohol consumption, smoking, and even poor quality products (that are absorbed into the bloodstream through the epidermis) will have negative effects on your liver’s health. And the results of that may quickly come to show on your skin! 


After our first Instagram live with Marc St-Onge, the founder of Bend Beauty, we just had to have him come back in order to go over some of his top products that, in fact, address both liver and overall health. 


Essentially, we chatted about how the liver is the body’s main defense against toxins. Bend Beauty’s Reset supplement supports proper liver function, assisting the body’s main detoxification system. Powerful ingredients such as silymarin from milk thistle extract and active sulforaphane help eliminate free radicals that are absorbed or created by the body (a normal result of the energy our cells create), all while providing antioxidant support. 


Marc explained to us how “detoxing” the liver is not necessarily a one-time campaign. He recommends including a treatment every 3 months; essentially, every new season. As we age, the functioning of the liver slows down (despite how well we treat it!), so providing some additional support is a great way to maintain overall skin health. 


The results of a regular Reset consumption showed improved nail strength, better hair health, reduced inflammation and a better detox system. In turn, this also boosts energy, lifts our mood, and helps us balance our stress levels. A win-win all around!


Last but not least, it is extremely important for the health and safety of your liver that you do proper research before beginning a new supplement. It is best to trust brands that have extensive medical research and testing behind them, such as the ones we carry (including but not limited to Bend Beauty, Glisodin, or Advanced Nutrition Program).  


This is the safest bet against toxic ingredients and unwanted interactions!




Until next time, you can check out our latest live with Marc from Bend Beauty right here.


Talk soon,


The BSE Team

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