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Spotlight on Microneedling

Spotlight on Microneedling

We sat down with Monique at the Skinenvie Medispa, so she could give us a run-down on one of our most popular in-salon treatments: microneedling. Without further ado, here’s all you need to know about this coveted skin procedure!


BSE: What does microneedling actually do? 


Monique: Microneedlingnique Pilon, one of the stellar medical aesthetic procedures. 


Essentially, the goal is to cause “trauma” to the skin by creating tiny micro-channels, which signals to the skin it needs to initiate a wound healing cascade. This will help to boost collagen, produce growth factors, and trigger angiogenesis (AKA building new vascular networks).  


The needles vary in length and therefore reach different depths. Most needles range from 0.2mm to 0.75mm. The depth of penetration will trigger different cellular actions depending on one’s skin needs. 


BSE: How soon are the results visible? 


Monique: Most people will notice more vibrant-looking skin right after the treatment. However, the more significant results generally appear after 4 to 6 weeks––or even 12!––after the skin has completely healed itself.


That being said, a gentle skin routine, dermarolling at home––with the Skinvacious Cosmetic Skin Roller, for example––and regular sun protection will be recommended to support results and help any post-treatment inflammation, which typically goes away after 3-4 days. 


BSE: Who/which skin types will benefit most from microneedling treatments? 


Monique: Microneedling targets many skin conditions such as acne scars, fine lines, wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, rosacea or redness, uneven skin tone, texture, loss of firmness, and sun damage. 


Therefore, everybody can benefit from microneedling, with some exceptions depending on skin type (for example, those with active flare-ups, sunburns, or extremely sensitive skin). 


BSE: Are all treatments the same? 


Monique: The actual microneedling treatment is essentially always the same, regardless of the medical spa. What can vary are the number of treatments done and the choice of needle depth. We highly recommend starting with a series of treatments and then continuing with maintenance treatments over the years. 


True or False: are microneedling results permanent? 


Monique: I would say that yes, results are permanent. Results will remain visible for an extensive amount of time because the boost of collagen production will continue for up to 24 months.


That being said, if you stop doing maintenance treatments, do not continue with at-home rolling, and fail to protect your skin from the sun (which highly depletes collagen production), the targeting skin concerns will likely resurface.






Until next time, take care of the skin you are in!


The BSE Team


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