Keeping your complexion healthy, glowing, and youthful is constant work–which means we can always appreciate some expert advice. While you can find an abundance of skincare/makeup tips and hacks online, we narrowed it down to three important tricks that makeup artists around the world swear by.


Not only do they help you prep your canvas for a flawless makeup look, they also ensure all the effort you put into your skincare routine pays off. You can thank them later!




Ever wonder why you’re still breaking out, even if you seem to be doing everything right? Make sure you aren’t overlooking your makeup tools!


Your makeup brushes are the number one breeding grounds for the bacteria which leads to acne and irritates the skin. While they don’t necessarily need to be washed everyday, the general consensus is that we should be cleaning our tools at least twice a week to avoid the build-up of makeup. Clean brushes and sponges will help with a professional-looking makeup application, as well.


Oh, and that reminds us––don’t forget your other skincare tools! Your Gua Sha, jade rollers, and dermarollers deserve as much TLC as your makeup brushes in order to keep germs away from your face.




OK, this one may be obvious. Yet, so is wearing SPF everyday, and we know a ton of people still don’t do it! Therefore, it couldn’t not get a mention.


Sleeping with your makeup on (even if it’s just a tinted moisturizer) is a recipe for disaster. Clogged pores, dry skin, and premature wrinkling are on the menu for those who skip their nighttime wash––even if you don’t wear any makeup. Washing your face before you hit the bedsheets cleanses your skin of the debris, bacteria and accumulated sebum from the day.


Another great reminder is frequently wash your pillowcase, as it can also accumulate sebum, leftover makeup and bacteria over time. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is also recommended as they are known not to absorb oils and help prevent creasing––all small details that contribute to a radiant glow the next morning!




Even the greatest foundations can't mask dry, aggravated skin. To give your skincare an actual chance at working its magic, make sure to give a few minutes between your routine and your makeup application.


This allows for your skin to absorb the ingredients in your serums and your SPF to set. Also, if you don’t give your moisturizer enough time to absorb into your skin, “the creaminess of the moisturizer can also thin out your makeup and result in blotchiness” says Laura Geller, a makeup artist in New York City.


On that note, keep in mind that a quality skincare routine will allow you to need less makeup over time, as you’ll use it to blur imperfections as opposed to trying to mask them. And a quality skincare routine is developed over time, with adequate research and counsel––not just by chance.


Until next time, make sure to love the skin you are in!


The BSE team

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