Self-care is the most basic and fundamental form of self-love there is. Essentially, any activity where you can bring your attention back to yourself (AKA “me-time”) can be made into a form of self-care. Taking a few moments to indulge in caring for yourself results in many positive outcomes such as reduced stress, increased energy and concentration, higher productivity, and an overall better mood.


Self-care actions can be divided into 2 categories: luxuries and necessities. Your luxuries are the small things that you don’t necessarily need to do every day, but when you do engage in them, they give you that little extra boost (think a bubble bath). However, your necessities are non-negotiable activities (think drinking enough water, moving your body, and skincare) that you need to feel your best.


Not quite sure where to start? Here are a few things self-care pros do when they’re in need of a reset:




Physical self-care involves how you're well taking care of your overall body. This includes how you fuel it, the quality of your sleep, the amount of movement you get in daily, and the way you take care of your basic hygiene. Without a solid foundation, you welcome stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and overall tensions. By prioritizing your physical health, you pave the way for everything else to fall into place.




There is a reason skincare is so closely associated with self-care: because it makes us feel absolutely amazing! Taking the time every morning and evening to engage in a skincare routine (no matter how small) is a mindful moment in your day where you focus entirely on yourself. And while it’s not always a necessity, a nice professional facial or purchasing a new mask is always a nice luxury to treat ourselves with.




One of the best self-care practices is to have a wind-down routine you can revert to whenever you need a little relaxation. For some, this may be an activity that helps you recharge: yoga, running, a walk with friends, etc. For others, this may be a solo routine where you come home, put on your most comfortable loungewear, turn on your favorite music or show and (maybe) pour a glass of wine. Whatever it is that makes you happy and feel great: make your go-to routine!



And we mean, actually breathe. Start every day with just a few breaths: breathing in deeply and breathing out slowly. Sitting at your favorite quiet place at home, close your eyes–inhale for a count of four, hold your breath for four, and exhale for four (or longer!). By focusing on exactly that count, you will automatically cultivate a few moments of inner peace and deter from any thoughts you may have. Using this mini-meditation to clear your mind is a great addition to your evening routine or a way to center yourself before starting your day.


On that note, we hope we’ve inspired you to make sure you take some time for yourself this week. You deserve it!


Until next time,


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