BSE Spotlight: Brands in Quebec

We are so honoured to carry some of Quebec’s most coveted and professional pharmaceutical skincare brands. Our province has given birth to companies that care deeply about their skin research and products that truly deliver tangible results, and we felt there was no better time than our provincial holiday to put them forward!


Here are a few things you may not have known about 4 of our incredible local brands:






Aquafolia’s main mission is to give a healthy appearance by treating specific aging skin conditions in total respect of its integrity and functionality. Their promise? To only provide products that originate from the research and development of cosmeceutical biotechnology, as well as the research of synergy between active ingredients.


At the heart of OCCY Laboratory’s ethics, they take pride in formulating their products with the best actives from natural and organic origins––all in accordance with the laws of absorption for maximum efficacy. Each product constraints a guaranteed maximum concentration of ingredients validated with in-vitro, in-vivo and ex-vivo studies and combines the know-how of both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


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Founded over 70 years ago, Laboratoire Dr. Renaud––a pioneer brand for aesthetic care––pushes the boundaries of what is possible in cosmetology day after day. Proudly established in Quebec for over five decades, research and development have always been at the heart of its unique range of treatments. Thanks to its thorough knowledge of skin science and nature, Laboratoire Dr. Renaud offers personalized skincare solutions of incredible performance.


In addition to offering innovative quality skincare products, Dr. Renaud quickly understood the importance of training people who would be called upon to become more than just salespeople, but real advisers. Thus was born the profession of experts in aesthetic and beauty care who advise people based on their true concerns and needs––not just to complete a sale.


While considered a cosmetic line, we absolutely love the results and quality of all Dr. Renaud products! You can find all the Dr. Renaud essentials we carry right here.







For 3 generations, France Laure has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing both care and beauty products. The family business was founded in 1957 in Paris before being exported to North America in 1970. The company then moved in 2001 to Montréal––where products are entirely developed and designed, thus facilitating quality control.


For over 50 years now, France Laure has been developing unique products that are at the heart of innovation and cosmetic trends. Meanwhile, they remain faithful to their commitment of combining science and efficiency. The strictest standards of the industry––namely Health Canada, European standards, and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)––are applied for the creation of each new formula.


Because they know skin undergoes various changes over the course of a lifetime, all France Laure collections can be mixed and/or combined to provide the flexibility and adaptation required. Not to mention the active ingredients used are designed to support the natural action of the skin, by improving, developing, or complementing it. None of their products use parabens, or mineral oils, nor are tested on animals.


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Davincia was founded by cosmetic dermatologist Nathalie Forget. By age 33, Forget was the head of a network of 11 medical cosmetic clinics, yet still struggling with all sorts of products and treatments that were useless and damaging. 


At work, she also saw many side effects in clients having undergone both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. She was inspired to search for a healthy, effective, and lasting solution to common skin problems, without the drawbacks––hence, Davincia was born.


At Davincia, natural beauty comes first. All products and the protocols for using them preserve the skin's biological integrity: the products are safe for your health and the planet's. Davincia products won’t compromise the skin’s health and balance: they only contain natural ingredients specifically selected for their benefits. 


Besides running a business, Forget started her own laboratory, where she tests every iteration herself: ensuring product quality before packaging and distribution across Canada. She writes articles for cosmetology journals and offers training. Her mission is to educate people about naturopathic dermatology and raise awareness of cosmetics’ ecological footprint.


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Stay tuned for our feature on Canadian brands, coming real soon!


Until next time,


The BSE Team


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