Summer Wellness Routine

Here at BSE, we’re about more than just skincare. 


We care deeply about all facets of well-being, including all of the things that make our minds and bodies feel their best. We truly believe a ‘glow’ is not only the result of a bright and healthy complexion, but the result of a body and a soul that is happy and at peace! 


This inspired us to sit down with Amanda, certified personal trainer at Amanda Kimberly Method, in order to have a quick chat about elevating overall wellness. Here are some of her easy suggestions when it comes to implementing health hacks into your summer routine:







AMANDA: During the hot summer months, when the heat index and humidity levels begin to rise, it is crucial to get that H20. Water is essential; we are literally made of it. Not only does it improve overall health on the inside, but it helps with weight management, bloating, digestion, and keeps our skin healthy and glowing! ;)


Next up, snacking on fruits and veggies every day brings a tremendous load of benefits. Hello, easy low-calorie snack, filled with vitamins and minerals!


And of course, I suggest getting a workout in early in the day in order to avoid the temptation of skipping it. Summer is a time when so many of us want to be out on a terrace for lunch or BBQs and all the rest, so get it done before the day starts. You can even do some workouts outdoors, to soak up that vitamin D––always good for the soul. However, make sure to always wear a good sunscreen…no one wants a burn or the wrinkles that come with it!







AMANDA: I have 3 great suggestions. First off, invest in a smartwatch (even the cheapest one will do) and start stepping! Tracking and implementing a daily step goal is literally one of the easiest ways to improve your physique and overall health. I have had clients lose the first 60 lbs by just implementing a step program coupled with a solid nutrition program! You can get steps when cleaning, walking, cooking, meal prepping and so much more. All these activities get you burning calories and using a smartwatch can help you stay accountable.


Secondly, WALK––whenever you can. It's so undervalued! Walking burns a lot of calories, it works leg muscles and core, helps with anxiety and stress, and best of all: summer is such a beautiful time to get outside. Walking helps so much with weight management and can be done when you're taking a call, when you're brushing your teeth, going to the grocery store or taking a lunch break.


And lastly, do things you enjoy! Think swimming, biking, or hiking with a friend for accountability and more fun.


But most importantly: set realistic goals. It’s important to dedicate non-negotiable exercise time in your calendar, but don't overcommit or else you’ll set yourself up for disappointment! If you're not moving much, you may want to start with 2x a week to begin––and eventually increase once you've been consistent. 








AMANDA: This is a great one! I suggest going for a walk or hitting the treadmill first thing in the morning instead of reaching for coffee as soon as you fall out of bed. I also recommend drinking a big glass of water before your coffee and of course, having a complete and balanced breakfast. 


Skipping breakfast is NOT beneficial to performance, focus, and energy––contrary to what the many fad diets out there may have you believe. Having breakfast in the morning kills cravings throughout the day, boosts your energy, helps get overeating under control, and so much more! 


Some of my go-to breakfasts include overnight oats (made with unsweetened almond milk, oats, chia seeds, protein powder, cinnamon, and fruits); avocado toast on Ezekiel bread (topped with an egg) or a green smoothie with collagen and protein powder. 





Until next time, check out our Instagram live with Amanda right here!


The BSE Team


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