Glow Fix Fall Edition Launch

You may have caught a quick glimpse of our latest launch, the Glow FIX box, right before it sold out last month. And while you may not have been able to grab your own the last time around, have no fear…


The Glow FIX Fall Box is (almost) here!


We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the fall edition of the Glow Fix Box: a tool designed to pack a punch and serve as your medical skincare discovery point.


While this edition is packed with the highest quality products for an incredibly wallet-friendly price, the whole point isn’t even about the products you can find inside––the point is the value this collection of carefully curated products brings into your lives. It simply makes dipping your toes into the world of medical grade skincare has never been easier, especially if you’ve always been on the fence about switching up your products and investing into your skin journey. 


Whether you aren’t quite yet convinced that pharmaceutical products are significantly better than cosmetic skincare or whether the investments tempts you to turn away, the Glow FIX is your best bet.The box includes a handful of skincare goodies that cover all of our main bases: cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect. With this curated selection, you will have all that you need to start reaping the benefits (and results!) of higher-quality skincare. 


Not to mention, it can help you explore more than one brand at a time and is perfect for travel, as the box offers a nice mix between travel and real-deal sizes for an unbeatable price.


There is no better way to dive into medical skincare and help you discover everything BSE-carried brands have to offer––and that, we can promise!




The Glow FIX Fall Box will be available as of September 1st, 10am EST. Limited quantities are available, so it’s first come first served. You can catch a preview of what’s found inside right here!


That being said, whether you’re looking to dive deeper with specific questions or simply looking for advice on your own skincare journey: feel free to send us a message on our socials or drop a comment below. Or even better, you can book your virtual consultation with one of our medical aestheticians right here!


Until next time, take care of the skin you are in;


The BSE Team


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