Aging With Grace

There is an incredible force that comes along with age: experience, wisdom and beauty are all contributions to the new age of skin care that celebrates the process of time. Aging gracefully is at the core of our mission here at BSE, as we encourage each and every one of us to embrace the changes age can bring. 


Instead of concentrating on anti-aging and trying to reverse time, we keep a strong focus on keeping your skin healthy and radiant. However, we do understand aging gracefully is a challenge for some of us; which is why we put together a quick reminder of the 3 most important aspects that can help anyone age with grace.




Confidence helps you to value the experience, the knowledge and the wisdom that comes with age and rising above a youth-oriented culture. As we grow older, we handle more experiences and learn more lessons that contribute to our overall confidence. And that confidence radiates from the inside out! 


That being said, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is confidence. There are many ways to increase self-confidence, including ways to validate your self-worth and your strengths. A solid confidence is built on a healthy body and mind, which also relies on sufficient self-care. Speaking of which…




Self-care remains just as crucial as we age, as it allows us to intentionally care for our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs. It helps equip us to better manage life's stressors, as well as our responses to them.


Engaging in a community activity, taking walks, adopting new hobbies or learning a new craft are all great ways to self-care, reconnect with ourselves, and connect with others (each factor contributing to the increase of our life satisfaction). 


Kickstarting the flow of endorphins and connecting with others helps elevate your mood, relieve stress, and make you feel better about yourself; a crucial part of building your confidence and embracing your age.




As we get older, our skin intrinsically ages. This means our cells start to slow, and the skin’s strong and flexible barrier begins to weaken. Hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen naturally deplete, which is about the same time we start to notice fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more. 


Our skin is also subject to extrinsic aging, with the sun’s rays and other environmental stressors to blame. Smoking, an unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, and blue light radiation also contribute to these changes. Oh, and did we mention a whopping 90% of aging is caused by these external influences?


This means that as we age (with grace), a well-established skincare routine becomes your best friend. A night care routine is essential, as your skin undergoes its most intensive repair process during a good night’s sleep. Night products filled with moisturizing ingredients help prevent dehydration and even help to balance any excess sebum during the day.






Face contouring tools, like the Nuface Trinity Pro, are also a great addition to a skincare regimen, helping to smooth and depuff on the daily. 






And of course, constant protection from the UVA/UVB rays will go a long way in combating extrinsic aging!


On that note: aging is a gift and should always be honoured as such. Aging, after all, is just another word for living!


Until next time,


The BSE Team


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