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Geneviève Lanctot, Medical Aesthetician

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the beauty and skin care industry. I have been a medical aesthetician for over 5 years and take great pride in what I do. I will educate and guide you towards the best products and treatments to meet your skincare goals. Having had my own personal skin issues at an early age with rosacea and cystic acne, I know that proper skin products and treatments will help and make such a difference in the overall health of your skin. It is so important to me, to build a relationship based on trust and respect with my patients. I look forward to guiding you through your skin care journey and helping you feel your best!

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Alexa Barron, Aesthetician

I have always been into beauty and self care, so everything started to make sense for me when I found my calling as an Aesthetician. I began with eyelash extensions, working as an eyelash tech and learning how to do permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing). While mastering these techniques, I became passionate about helping people bring out their inner confidence, because there's nothing like seeing a client's face light up at my finished work!

This extends to my role as an Aesthetician. My experience in professional skincare isn't as extensive as it is in eyelashes and permanent makeup, but my dedication to glowing skin started a long time ago. My parents have always been adamant about their own skincare regimens, so I feel #blessed that they influenced me to take care of myself from a young age. However, everything really became about skincare for me when Natascha, BSE's founder, and I met and became instant friends. I had created my own morning and nighttime skincare routines by the age of 10…Yes, you read that right! And since the beginning of our bond, there was no going back; I'm now a lifelong skincare freak! It's with this dedication to skincare that I want to help people feel their glowiest selves.

I am always willing to jump in and help, and am a problem-solver by nature. I take helping others seriously, especially when it comes to making them feel their best. Can’t wait to hear from you, my fellow skincare freaks.

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Pascale Chouinard, Medical Aesthetician

As a medical aesthetician, massage therapist, and spin & barre instructor, I am passionate about physical and mental health, as well as the health of your skin. With over a dozen years of experience in medical aesthetics, my approach is both holistic and educational. The key to my success is listening intently to your needs and desires, then being able to recommend the best treatment or products for you in order to meet your goals and expectations. Our relationship is based on trust and mutual respect. I build partnerships with my patients that are founded on confidence in my ability to help them optimize the health of their skin.