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CellUltra Eye Serum-XT was formulated specially to revive and renew radiance around your eyes. The cooling applicator tip makes massaging the area easy and instantly creates an unprecedented feeling of refreshment. The rich concentration of stabilized cellular extracts (11%) makes this formula essential to your beauty routine to moisturize** and revitalize the very delicate skin around the eyes, instantly invigorating with anti-fatigue* action.

    Massage the CellCosmet serum over the eye area with the metallic nozzle. As a daily treatment morning and evening, or throughout the day, to provide an anti-fatigue action to the eye contour.
    Stabilized cellular extracts (11%): revitalizing, rebalancing
    Eye Revival Complex: reduces the intensity of dark circles and smoothes and tones the skin
    Restructuring Anti-Dark Circles Complex: combats dark circles, lightens, firms
    Vitamine B3: reduces hyper-pigmenation and brightens the complexion
    Organic Extract of Quinoa: reduces the purplish-blue tinge of dark circles and erases signs of fatigue
    Anti-Puffy Eyes Complex: decongesting ans draining
    The HydraProtect Complex: immediate and ongoing hydration* with a protective fillmogenic effect that is strengthened by a «water capturing» action
    Swiss Glacier Water: purifying and detoxifying
    Energising Oligo-Complex: anti-ageing, cellular energizer
    Arnica Oil: draining and soothing
    D-Panthenol: encourages the skin’s healing process=

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