Gant Renaissance Deep Exfoliating Kit

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The Renaissance Glove is the # 1 selling exfoliating glove in Canada. It is made using an ancestral technique with respect for traditions. Its natural vegetal fiber is unique and exclusive. Composed of 100% plant cellulose extracted from eucalyptus and spruce, it is uniquely woven in microscopic loops. The combination of the fiber and the weaving offers you professional experience with the utmost respect for your skin. 


Regular, gentle exfoliation for clean and soft skin.

Wet and apply a shower gel on the body mitt or makeup remover on the face accessory.
Rub gently while massaging.
Rinse your body and glove. Hang your accessory and let it air dry.


A deep exfoliation takes up to 8 minutes.

Relax for a few minutes in a lukewarm bath or shower to allow the pores of the skin to dilate. Do not use soap or other hygiene products unless it is our Rose Bath Salts.
Wet the glove in water for 30 seconds then wring it out by rolling it up and down.
Turn off the water in the shower or get out of the bath. Your skin should be moist, but not wet.
Start rubbing firmly the skin with the glove: from bottom to top on the limbs and back, and with circular movements on the chest, shoulders, buttocks and knees. You will observe the skin rolling and the dead cells peeling off.
Rinse the body and the glove. Hang your accessory to let it dry naturally.

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