Hydrabio Cream



An innovative, physiological lamellar emulsion, Hydrabio Cream gets its inspiration from the very structure of your epidermis for an effective, fast and sustainable effect. Its technology allows ingredients to penetrate your skin, and to diffuse their benefits in a targeted way. The lamellar emulsion targets the barrier and impermeability. Hydrabio Cream intensely hydrates. Its Aquagenium® complex targets skin’s natural moisturizing abilities. It also targets the skin’s ability to retain moisture. An apple seeds extract contributes to bring back water. Dead cells are eliminated. The skin’s texture seems visibly smooth thanks to salicylic acid. Vitamin PP/B3 targets its cohesion, resistance and impermeability while a cucumber extract helps to soothe it. Glycerin helps to improves the skin’s capacity to capture water. As a result, your skin traps the water that is necessary to its balance, which brings radiance back on the long run and helps to prevent the visible signs of aging. Hydrabio Gel-Cream seems to smooth out the visible dehydration wrinkles. Its soft-focus agents blur imperfections. Its D.A.F. complex contributes to enhance the tolerance threshold of your skin. 86% of the users we have surveyed found their skin softer and visibly nourished by Hydrabio Cream while 91% of them have confirmed that it leaves no sticky film.

How to use

Hydrabio Cream can be used once or twice a day, seven days a week. Start by cleansing your face and neck with one of the cleansers from our Hydrabio line. Apply Hydrabio Tonic Lotion or Hydrabio Serum if needed, then apply Hydrabio Cream. When used as a night cream, Hydrabio Cream can be combined with Hydrabio Gel-Cream if the latter is used as a day treatment.

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