Living Libations Radiant Love Lube

How to use
Living Libations Radiant Love Lube is a delectable delight of warm revelry that enhances an amorous day or night. Our Love Lube is made to be played as a lubricant to glide, slide, and ride upon hips and lips. This scintillating synergy of organic ingredients coalesce for a spreadable, edible love lotion that gets things in motion.
May be used as a moisturizing massage crème, non-latex lubricant, or as a love-lotion to prepare lovers’ skin for the closest kind of encounter.

For use every day or for long languid times of play. Patch test inside the elbow before applying to more sensitive skin.
Jojoba Oil - Simmondsia chinensis, Schizandra Oil - Schizandra spenanthera, Vanilla Oil - Vanilla planfolia, Cinnamon Oil - Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Stone Root - Collinsonia Canadensis L.

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