Sebium Hydra

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Upon its very first application, Sebium Hydra brings both moisture and improves skin appearance. After 14 days only, dermatologists have noticed its considerable effect in 89% of the cases they examined. After 84 days, this percentage increased to 97%. Many ingredients contribute to the effectiveness of Sebium Hydra. The glycerin it contains allows to intensely moisturize. Two soothing agents, allantoin and enoxolone, contribute to visibly decrease the appearance of redness. The exclusive, dermo-patented Fluidactiv® complex purifies the skin and contribute to visibly minimize the look of pores. The D.A.F. complex uses a seaweed extract to help improve the tolerance threshold of the skin.

Sebium Hydra can be used once or twice a day, seven days a week. Start by cleansing your skin with Sebium H2O or Sebium Foaming Gel. Apply Sebium Hydra. It can be used under makeup and is suitable for adults as well as teenagers.

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