SkinVacious Revitalization Set

How to use

Harness your body’s natural biology. Get the Personal Skin Roller with our Essential Face Oil in a set, so you have everything you need to build a strong, healthy, radiant foundation.

The Skin Roller

Acting as a catalyst, the skinVacious Personal Skin Roller effectively stimulates the skin and energizes its natural biology. In short, the roller triggers a cascade of benefits that foster healthy, rejuvenated skin.

Key Features

  • 0.2 mm Microtip Length
  • 200 Microtips
  • Medical Grade Microtips
  • Gamma-sterilized for your protection
  • Each roller comes in a tamper-evident package

The skinVacious Skin Roller’s ergonomic design is safe, comfortable, and easy to use. This incredibly effective cosmetic tool delivers dramatic results and transforms the overall appearance of the skin. Results are evident after a single use and are cumulative. The skinVacious Skin Roller enhances everything you do for your skin – a must-have for strong, healthy, radiant skin.

Essential Oil

The Essential Face Oil is a natural, nutrient-rich oil that features anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hydrating properties to nourish the skin while helping to restore it.

    Please refer to individual products
    Please refer to individual products

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