2023 Mindset

2023, here we come!


Yep, it’s that time of the year again: thinking of our resolutions for the new year to come. While some of us love to avoid New Year celebrations (as it can feel like the expectations and the optimism fades away just a few days after)  it’s impossible to deny the satisfying, closing ritual of putting the year behind us and cracking open a new chapter. 


To make the whole “setting resolutions” feat less daunting, here are a few ways to go about setting a positive tone for the new year:




It’s not always easy to look back or to even know what to ask ourselves. To do just that, we need to take some time with ourselves. There’s no better time to step back to observe what is happening. Where are we in life? What do we want? What do we need? 


And even more importantly…how do we feel?




Being intentional can mean a thousand different things. But at the core, all it means is to bring a commitment, focus, and attention to something important to you. 


The idea is to be intentional by setting intentions and recovering a sense of playfulness. It’s important to not see it as something “we have to”, but rather “we’d love to”.


Once you’ve checked in on yourself, it’s time to reflect on the intentions you have for 2023 and then break them down into attainable goals. It may sound intimidating, but setting up these steps will help provide a roadmap of intentional action steps that will help you achieve your goals.




The first step in a mindset reset is defining your intentions for the year ahead. Intentions are powerful because they provide a roadmap for how you want to show up in your life and goals.


Here is a great action course for setting your new intentions: 


  • Take some time for yourself to get clear on the goals you want to accomplish. Write them down in an accessible place, such as in your journal or your computer to be reminded of them regularly.
  • Think about the type of relationships you want. How can you attract them? How can you create them?
  • Ask yourself: what kind of person do you want to be? How does that person live their values? How do they feel? Write down everything about this person in order to better 
  • Make sure you set yourself up for success by setting achievable and measurable goals, of both big and small amplitude. 
  • Set up systems, processes, and habits that will provide support for your goals, such as accountability partners who can help you stay on track.


The last two and a half years have been filled with some unexpected stuff and have shifted our focus toward our well-being in many different ways.


If you use 2023 to focus on being intentional every day, you’ll feel clearer, more capable, and more confident.  To be truly intentional, get clear on exactly what you want to achieve and take focused action every day toward achieving the things that matter most and that will make you feel your best.


Being purposeful and deliberate builds a positive mindset, helps you practice presence and gratitude, and gives your life greater clarity and meaning.


Until next time, wishing you a happy and healthy new year!


The BSE Team


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