A Note from the Founders

We are so proud here at BSE to be surrounded on the daily by incredible female founders, retailers, and contributors in the skincare industry. All month long, we have had incredible conversations celebrating the contributions and achievements of women in our industry.


It has been an honor for both of us, Tasch and Beate, to have these discussions and showcase week after week how powerful women are. These are the women who are paving the way for a future fueled with not only healthy skin, but inclusivity and self-love––essentially, everything we stand for here at BSE!


As a dynamic mother-daughter duo and two female entrepreneurs ourselves, we are proud to be women making our way through the business world and we also understand the reality of these challenges. This is why it is even more important for us to showcase, celebrate and uplift others in the same situation.


We often highlight the incredible females in our industry on our weekly IG lives. However, we used the opportunity this month to feature other women in business, including Alexa Barron, our medical aesthetician; Amanda Kimberly, an incredible personal trainer; Samantha Baizer, founder of Vellish; content creator Roslyn Griner, and last but not least; Robby Bennett of Jammers and SkinEnvie Medispa & Boutique.


It was crucial for us to highlight women who encompass not only skincare, but also overall wellness, happiness, self-care, and all facets of a healthy & balanced lifestyle. These components are incredibly empowering for each and every one of us––not only for women, but also for people of all genders, ages, and ethnicities.


On that note, we hope to continue to honor these women and the hard work of all women in our community. Make sure to follow us on social media to catch our weekly live chats and keep an eye on what we are up to!


Until next time, celebrate the women in your life!


Beate & Tasch

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