We had the recent pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Adi Yoskovitch, a Montreal-based facial plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience who also happens to be the founder of one of our favorite local brands: Pö Derma

Pö Derma’s advanced formulas have been developed and tested to the highest clinical standards right here in Montreal laboratories, specializing in the creation of complete skincare regimes that cleanse, repair, and protect all skin types. 

Dr. Yoskovitch gladly took the time to help us give you the run-down on all you need to know about his distinctive pink bottles and the ideas behind them.

BSE: How did Pö Derma come to be?

Dr. Adi Yoskovitch: My interest in skincare was a direct extension of my clinical practice. I wanted my patients to be able to maintain the quality and care of their skin in between visits to my office and to also be able to achieve the same clinical results at home. Pö Derma is the merging of my medical experience, my clinical research, and of course, my passion. This also allows me to confidently express my trust in the product’s results, guaranteeing the overall amazing appearance of beautiful skin. 

Q: What does Pö Derma consider to be the most important facet of skincare?

A: I always share my belief that external beauty parallels inner spirit. I do not believe in “anti-aging” or negativity — I designed Pö Derma to positively celebrate who you are as a woman, today.

My extensive experience has shown me that women want more out of their skincare products. Sure, we all want younger-looking skin, right? But women today want their products to make them look the same way they feel — smart, successful, beautiful, and empowered. Society makes women feel that they need to reverse time and the aging process, while we, at Pö Derma, believe that women should embrace who they are and celebrate their appearance. That is exactly why I wanted to create an advanced system of daily skincare products that are carefully and scientifically designed to help you optimize a healthy glow.

That feeling of unmatched confidence is exactly what Pö Derma harnesses, and that’s what we communicate to be truly important.

Q: Are Pö Derma’s products pharmaceutical-grade?

A: As I am trained in facial plastic surgery and board-certified in otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), I would never opt for less. We are very proud to say that our products are all thoroughly researched and tested to the highest clinical standards, right here in our Montreal laboratory. We are very proud to be creating such high-quality local products.

Q: You mentioned your training in cosmetic surgery. How has your background influenced the creation of Pö Derma?

A: I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy from McGill University right here in Montreal. I then attended medical school in Pennsylvania, as well as the University of Miami, graduating with High Honors. I came back to McGill to finish a Masters in Investigational Surgery before opening my two clinic locations in Laval and Montreal, QC.

Since then, I have given many lectures and written many publications; I have collected fellowships in aesthetic facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Toronto as well as a fellowship in aesthetic facial plastic surgery at UCLA.

The sole reason Pö Derma products guarantee such success is that I have always made an important point of listening to my clients’ aesthetic goals and applying an evidence-based approach to my formulas. I have spent more than two decades practicing aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, listening to and learning from the patients in my care — discovering both how to meet their aesthetic goals and how they feel about their skin. Through all my accumulated knowledge, I have discovered that the power of a simple, comprehensive regimen paired with the right products, can radically boost confidence and, of course, improve the look and feel of any skin type.

Q: What would you recommend to someone wishing to achieve a healthy, radiant glow?

A: Skin radiance — that healthy glow— simply comes from a comprehensive daily regimen scientifically designed to combat the effects of environmental stressors and modern living in order to achieve optimal skin quality and appearance.

Now, the three rules I live by are: Cleanse, Repair, and Protect.


Our Flawless Daily Cleanser ($68) washes off all the oil, dirt, and makeup that has been sitting on your face all day.


Following up with one of our deeply penetrative serums ($108) will effectively address any skin issues, such as fine lines, for example.

Radiance Growth Factor Serum 

Brilliance Resurfacing Serum 


And finally, sealing in the skin by consistently applying a moisturizer ($95 - $135) after cleansing will prevent your skin from drying out, locking in moisture to replenish and soften the skin.

Lustre Intense Moisturizer

Luminous Night Cream 

The Pö Derma family ensures that you have the products to effectively clean, repair, restore, and maintain your skin’s natural beauty. However, the most important thing to remember is that consistency is the key when it comes to skincare, as real results will not show up overnight.

So be patient, and stick to your daily skincare routine — it’s the only way that you will achieve real, visible results.

Most recently, Dr. Yoskovitch has dedicated his time, unparalleled insights, and resources into developing Pö Derma — a complete skincare ritual that cleanses, repairs, and protects all skin types. Developed and tested right here in Canada, Pö Derma harnesses the antioxidant power of nature’s super-fruit, pomegranate (hence, the pink!), to deliver genuine results at home.

In addition to remaining at the forefront of medical innovation at his two local clinics, Dr. Yoskovitch is dedicated to giving back to his community through a number of initiatives that put his professional passions to work and help create beauty of all kinds. He is an active volunteer with the Make a Wish Foundation’s Ride for Wishes in Quebec and has provided pro bono treatments for both HIV patients and female victims of abuse. His appointment to the Advisory Board for Hockey Quebec (from 2009 through to 2017) resulted in the adoption of additional safety policies related to mouthguard requirements and on-ice head trauma assessment protocols. Dr. Yoskovitch is also a former Board Member of the Hebrew Foundation School in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC.

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Happy discovering!


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