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Daylight Savings Ready

Daylight Savings Ready

Spring Forward, Summer Time, or Daylight Savings…whatever you call it, we’re excited about it!


Daylight Savings Time––the practice of turning the clock ahead as warmer weather approaches and back as it becomes colder again––is back on March 12th, and we already can’t wait to prolonge our amount of daytime. 


However, as most of us would know, even a small loss of an hour in our sleep schedules can mess with our habits, mood, and even our skin. But no need to panic: read on below for a few tips on how to handle the transition smoothly!




It can take the body up to a week or more to adjust to the new time. Until then, falling asleep and waking up later can feel harder. If you progressively start to clock in your ZZZs a bit early the week before, you will find the transition easier. 




Although sleeping in can help you feel more rested at the moment, it isn’t the best option in the long run. Keeping a consistent wake-up time is the best way to improve sleep and wake functioning, and it actually helps you fall asleep at night.


That being said, on the first Sunday of daylight saving time, make sure you wake up at your regular time––whether you’ve had a good night's sleep or not. And avoid adding a nap to your afternoon if it’s not part of your typical routine.




As you probably already know (and if you don’t, a) you should and b) now you know!), being physically active is good for your health and it can help you sleep better, too. 


Even a simple walk outdoors during daylight, when you are exposed to the most natural sunlight, will help your body adapt to the change of time. As opposed to unwinding with the TV, a tablet, or your phone, it’s best to stimulate your brain naturally and let the serotonin flow!




The best part about spring and daylight savings time is the extra sunlight in the evenings, so make sure you get the best of that natural light! Sunlight helps naturally reset your circadian cycle (AKA, your internal clock), so even if you feel a bit groggy on the first day––let that natural light do its thing and before you know it, you’ll feel like your energized self.


Until next time,


The BSE Team

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