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Everything Lashes and Brows with Alexa

Everything Lashes and Brows with Alexa

Alexa Barron is both a partner at Skinenvie Medispa & Boutique and an incredible medical aesthetician, whose journey to becoming a skincare expert is nothing short of inspiring.


Despite facing the repercussions of a five-year struggle with a concussion, Alexa honed her skills with lash lifts, extensions, and tints––all as her passion for skin health continued to deepen. 


Alexa's expertise now goes way beyond lash extensions; she is dedicated to helping all of her clients achieve radiant and healthy glows, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Read on below as she shares her knowledge about three popular treatments and learn all about her favorite lash products, tips, and tricks!




Lash extensions are individual, polyester eyelashes that vary in length/thickness. They are bonded with a special glue to the base of your human lashes. As these extensions naturally fall off over time, you can expect to refill them every 2 to 3 weeks (depending on your retention). 


The benefit of lash extensions is not only enhancing the length and volume of your lashes but also creating a flattering eye shape.


When it comes to lash extension maintenance, the best option is to use a shampoo designed specifically for lashes. Ideally, you’ll also want to avoid applying oil-based products directly to the lashes; the lash glue is strong enough to withstand water, but oils won't exactly optimize the retention. 


And yes, a lash extension serum is still useful, as you can continue to care for your lashes even with extensions on.






Last but not least, “you should be able to easily comb through your lashes with a spoolie brush,” Alexa explains. If not, this may be a warning sign that the extensions were put on incorrectly in the first place.




Brow laminations are semi-permanent beauty treatments, essentially described as a perm for the eyebrows. That means the product applied by your aesthetician breaks down the protein of the hair in order to better manipulate it. 


Laminations help to create the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows by lifting and shaping the brows to achieve a polished and groomed look.


Once the eyebrow hairs have been brushed into the desired position, they can be set into place for 4 to 6 weeks. A tint can also be added if desired. 




A lash lift will use the same process as a brow lamination–AKA, the eyelashes are “permed” into a curled position. It enhances the beauty of your natural lashes by curling and lifting them from the root, resulting in a more wide-eyed appearance. It's a semi-permanent treatment that gives the lashes a longer and more voluminous look without the need for extensions.


Those with lighter lashes can also ask for a tint. The tint doesn’t last as long as the lift, but the lifting generally lasts anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks.




The ultimate goal of all these treatments? Getting that no-makeup makeup look, without makeup of course!


While we all radiate and can embrace our natural beauty by itself, enjoying a refreshed and youthful appearance with a little extra help from non-invasive beauty treatments is always a welcomed treat. So if you’re dying to try a brow lamination and/or a lash treatment, make sure to book an appointment at the SkinEnvie MediSpa & Boutique today!


And if you’re curious to learn more? Make sure to check out our latest SKNKRE podcast with Alexa right here.


Until next time, 


The BSE Team


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