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Hairstyling with Jeremy Wilde

Hairstyling with Jeremy Wilde

Jeremy Wilde (@jeremy_wilde) is a trained barber turned superstar gender-neutral hairstylist based in Montréal, Canada. We had the opportunity to chat with him about hairstyling at home, and what everyone would need to bring that professional salon feel under their own roof––and it’s easier than you may think.


Read on below to discover Jeremy’s top styling tips and his product essentials!


Hairstyling at home doesn’t have to be so intimidating. While it can feel like we’re never able to recreate that fresh salon feel, we promise there are ways to achieve these looks on a budget and with the same type of products the best hairstylists use.


Jeremy helps us break it down:




  • Washing your hair too often will strip your scalp’s natural oils, which is what keeps it healthy and flake-free. Not to mention that this extra oil will make it easier to style your strands, as it adds texture and extends the hold of your styles!
  • Aiming for 2-3 times a week, including a clarifying cleanse (keep reading!) is best.
  • Using a vent brush or round brush is best to create volume. Whether using a heated hair dryer or not, brushing upwards from the root––in a scooping motion––will help create volume.
  • Speaking of heat tools, always make sure to use a heat protectant. It’s also important to never put your tools on high heat, as the medium setting does the trick. Higher heat adds no benefit to styling and will order burn and damage your strands in the long run. 






    • Above anything else, use professional haircare. “The stuff you get at the pharmacy is filled with silicone, along with a lot of other crap”, explains Jeremy. “While it gives the impression that your hair is silky, it actually fills the hair cuticle with silicone which weighs it down over time. The hair becomes oily at the scalp, dry at the ends, and much harder to style.” Professional haircare products, regardless of the brand, are the best way to make sure you’re giving your hair what it needs.




    • To get those effortless, beachy waves, a sea salt or texture spray––such as the Eleven Australia Sea Salt Spray Texture––is the way to go. Not to mention it smells like heaven! After styling as desired, spray 2-4 pumps of texture spray in your hair to get that desired volume and feel, all while keeping a natural bounce and hair structure.
    • Beanie season is out the window and outdoor events are happening, which means everyone wants to go out with properly styled hair! Jeremy recommends a clay pomade––a universal and versatile product that is the foundation of so many looks. 
    • “Different pomades create different finishes, depending on the brand and the texture of the product”, Jeremy adds. For example, the Slick Hold Styling Pomade by Eleven Australia will bring a sleeker, shinier texture; while the Strong Hold Styling Paste will be more on the matte side. 
    • Not to mention pomades can be used by him or her, as they work just as well to style short hair as they do to slick back long strands into a sleek pony.
    • Regardless of how you style your hair, if you’re regularly using product on it, you need a clarifying shampoo or a professional scalp scrub. If you aren’t washing your hair every day,  it's important to do a weekly clarifying cleanse (in addition to your regular shampoos) in order to remove product buildup (think dry shampoo, gels, pomades, dirt, and oils).
    • In turn, this will prevent any scalp breakouts and ensure scalp health, which then promotes healthy hair growth.






      You can book Jeremy for a service at Apart Studio in Montréal and check out his socials right here!


      Until next time, 


      The BSE Team

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