Happy Holidays from the BSE Founders

From team expansion, a podcast, a new app, and a brand new HQ (to name just a few), we have lots to be grateful for this holiday season.  As we reflect on BSE’s 2023 journey, Tasch and Beate express their heartfelt gratitude to the incredible community that has been the core of Boutique SkinEnvie's success.


As we sit down to reflect on the journey that 2023 has been for Boutique SkinEnvie, we are filled with a myriad of emotions. It has been a year of highs and lows, but above all, a year of growth and gratitude.


One of our most significant accomplishments has been the expansion of our team––welcoming talented individuals into the BSE family has infused our digital and physical workspace with fresh ideas, creativity, and an abundance of positive energy. And speaking of physical workspaces and accommodating our growing team, the new BSE headquarters came to life in 2023, representing all the love we've woven into the fabric of our brand. 


Like any business, we faced our share of obstacles, but each setback served as a stepping stone toward greater adaptability. Supply chain disruptions, global uncertainties, and the constant ebb and flow of the industry are all factors that further fortify our commitment to delivering quality products and impeccable service.


At the core of Boutique SkinEnvie is an overwhelming sense of gratitude. We are grateful for the highs that make us soar and the lows that ground us. Most importantly, we are grateful for you: our community. Whether you show up online, in-store at the SkinEnvie Medispa, on the SKNKRE podcast, or simply in spirit––your trust, feedback, and loyalty have been the driving force behind everything we've celebrated this year.


As the holidays come around and we bid farewell to 2023, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who has been a part of the Boutique SkinEnvie journey. Here's to more radiant skin, shared moments of joy, and a future filled with exciting possibilities.


Wishing you the happiest holiday season,


Tasch and Beate

(Co-Founders, Boutique SkinEnvie)

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