Healing Within: Beate’s Journey to Yoni Empowerment

Yoni healing isn't just about physical wellness—it's about tapping into the heart of our feminine energy. The word 'yoni' celebrates not just the physical aspect of female genitalia but its role as a source of life and a slice of the sacred feminine.


This practice is often wrapped in misconception and misunderstanding, seen as something sexual (it is nothing of the sort). It's so much more. It's an all-encompassing hug that wraps up body, mind, and soul in its healing arms, a tradition as old as time itself that celebrates every facet of being a woman.


I stumbled upon yoni healing on a solo trip to Bali in July 2023, not just a pin on the map but a milestone on my path to self-discovery. After years of silent battles with personal traumas, this practice stood out like nothing before. It's not about sex; it's about healing the innermost parts of ourselves and acknowledging our sexuality as a natural, healthy part of life.


Amidst Bali's serene backdrop, I faced truths that I had let slip away into the shadows. The session was a revelation, dredging up long-forgotten memories, like the moment I became a mother to my daughter, Natascha. While it was a time filled with joy, I didn't realize the lingering shadows it cast until now, shadows that had been with me for nearly 30 years.


Moving through the process wasn’t easy, but it reshaped me. Now, there's a richness in moments of intimacy that wasn't there before—a sign of healing's quiet power. And it feels like I've only just started.


So, here's my story, as ordinary and unique as any. It's a call to all of us to mend, to return to our roots. Yoni healing is about shattering the boxes we've been put in and rediscovering the sacred in ourselves. It's about seeing our bodies as not just flesh and bone but as embodiments of something divine.


Here's a poem I wrote in 2020, a simple reflection of this sentiment:


it's never lonely
to enjoy
a romantic evening

so, go on
light some candles
put on the music

now, get in mood
to make love to


Yoni healing is a brave step, a step to defy the noise around us and treat our bodies with the reverence it deserves. It's a journey to the core of our strength, a chance to heal from within. No matter when you start, it's a journey worth taking. I invite you to join in this healing embrace. Whether your experiences are like mine or you have your own story, know that reconnection is not just possible—it's waiting for you.


Sharing this slice of my life, I hope to spark a flame of curiosity and the start of healing. Remember, our yonis are more than just part of our physical being; they're a wellspring of our power.


I encourage you to listen to The SKNKRE Podcast’s episode, Yoni Healing With Spiritual Practitioner Svetlana Filipoova, to discover even more about understanding your yoni and the journey to healing from within!



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