How Much Haircare Should You Actually Use?

Properly using haircare products is essential to maintain healthy and manageable hair––but using the right amount ensures that you get the desired results without wasting product or causing hair damage. 


Read on below to check out our guide on how much haircare product you should actually be using, depending on the different types of products and your individual hair needs:




  • For those with short hair––AKA, above the shoulders, a nickel-sized amount of shampoo is sufficient.
  • Those with medium-length hair (shoulders to mid-back) can use a quarter-sized amount.
  • For the ones with long hair that extend lower than the mid-back, it’s best to start with a quarter-sized amount and add more if necessary.


You can adjust the amount of shampoo based on your hair's thickness and oiliness, using slightly more for thicker or oilier hair. You should also use your best judgment when it comes to your shampoo texture, as some professional formulas––like the Pureology collection––are more concentrated.


Last but not least, regardless of the hair length situation, everyone should always be double-cleansing the scalp on wash day!




A quarter-sized amount of conditioner is generally enough for short to medium-length hair.


For long, curly, or thick hair, using a slightly larger amount (about the size of a dollar coin) does the trick. 


As conditioner is to be applied mainly to the ends and lengths of your hair (and not on the scalp to prevent greasiness), the amount may vary depending on hair thickness, texture, and length. 


This same ratio applies to hair masks and leave-in conditioners.




You can usually follow the product's generic instructions, but a tablespoon-sized amount is often sufficient for most scalps.




A small amount of hair oil––about a pea-sized drop––is generally enough for the mid-lengths to ends of all hair types. 




Starting with a small amount, about the size of a pea, usually does the trick for dry or damp hair. You can use more products as needed, focusing on the ends and areas prone to frizz or damage. However, be cautious not to over-apply, as it may weigh down your hair.




When layering products, use a lighter hand to avoid overwhelming your hair with too many products. We always recommend using professional haircare, as these formulas are concentrated and therefore don’t require an excess amount of product for the desired effect. 


Using the right amount of haircare products ensures optimal effectiveness and prevents unnecessary product buildup. Always read the product instructions and consider your hair's unique characteristics to determine the appropriate amount for your needs––and this especially applies to all styling gels, creams, and sprays


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