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How To Avoid Constipation While Traveling

How To Avoid Constipation While Traveling

When it comes to our digestive systems and travelling, the most common complaints are about becoming bloated and constipation. If we sit for long periods of time, especially when in the air with a lack of oxygen, the lymph may become stagnant, leading to constipation. So, what can we do to avoid this?


First, let’s define what I mean by lymph. Our cells bathe in two fluids: blood and lymph. We know that the role of blood is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to our cells and is always moving. It is pumped by the heart and the lungs. The lymph, on the other hand, is a clear fluid that surrounds every cell, and its role is to eliminate all the waste. The challenge lies in the fact that the lymph has no pump. It is stagnant unless we move it! The only thing that moves our lymph is exercise! This is why moving as much as possible is necessary—sitting for long periods results in stagnant lymph and backup.


So, what can we do to avoid constipation and discomfort while travelling?


First and foremost, hydration is key, especially in the air. Always bring a water bottle with you, as the water on the plane is not safe to drink. Once your water runs out, stick to herbal teas. If you drink coffee or alcohol, you will go down the rabbit hole, as they are diuretics and will cause even more dehydration. When you feel thirsty, your cells are struggling with dehydration, which leads to constipation.


Make sure you get up often and move around. Most of us do not love using the washroom on a plane, but the worst thing you can do is avoid having a bowel movement when you need to go. This will result in more backup and create fermentation and bloat. Get up every half hour and walk up and down the aisles. Do not avoid the bathroom when it is time!


Eat foods that are moist and full of fibre. Avoid constipating foods such as complex sugars in breads, cakes, cereals, chips, crackers, etc. Go for salads, fruits, healthy wraps, and soups instead.


Stay clear of over-the-counter laxatives. They are extremely disturbing to the gut microbiome because they stimulate contractions too quickly and are often loaded with chemicals. They are like putting a firecracker under your butt! You must avoid that at all costs.


Lastly, try to pack immediately. Having a "to-do" list and being organized is less stressful. When we rush and hastily try to get things done, we end up in what we call “the sympathetic state,” which does not allow us to feel calm and digest food properly. This can be a setup for disaster before we even leave!


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